Meet Microsoft’s latest Windows Server reseller come on down Google

Google will serve up virtual machines on Microsoft Windows Compute Engine service as web giant like Amazon is hoping to dethrone the king of the cloud.

Support for OS was announced by Google on Tuesday at your event Cloud Platform in San Francisco: the king of search in Windows Server 2008 R2 will be available at your public cloud in “limited preview ” and press the Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for general availability.

These are important moves for the ultimate web, as these systems are invoked by companies.

It also showed how increasing cloud computing has shaken relations between some of the largest technology companies in the world. Although Google and Microsoft are competing against each other in search engines ( Google Bing v ) and cloud ( Azure cloud platform v ) and phone ( Windows Phone Android v),which did not prevent their partnership to increase sales of Microsoft software .

We are told Microsoft Windows Server licenses sold to Google, which in turn combine with virtual machines to the cloud rents to customers. Google is actually now a distributor of the Windows operating system. (It’s worth noting also hosts Windows Server in Amazon’s cloud and is responsible for licensing.)

“We have an agreement SPLA [Services Provider License Agreement] with Microsoft,” said a Google spokesman Reg .”We have two pricing options that make it easy for developers. One of the small cases, all other prices are across the board for most of the other core providers have much , which can make it very complex to understand the price. ”

This is part of a broader shift that saw the cloud-based technologies proliferate and change how established businesses they operate. Oracle, for example, mocked the cloud, but in the face of margin undermine Amazon was forced to start their own – and rivals Microsoft partners also.
At the end of last year, Intel if a long-term ally of Microsoft has acknowledged the death of the famous alliance “Wintel ” as he said he wanted to work for Android and Chrome OS Google accommodating in their cozy club.

With ‘ adding an additional operating system for cloud, Google is showing that also a company cloud – first, is not immune to these changes and must form alliances with their competitors to gain height in the cloud. Is an Alice in Wonderland world, and judging by the big discounts the company on Tuesday which is just the beginning? ®


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